Annual Fund

contributions to Taylor Made  Annual Fund provide support for many endeavors.   Below are just a few of the ways your contributions support Taylor Made School in its efforts on the children’s behalf:

  • Continuing education for the staff
  • New roofs for buildings
  • New Montessori materials for each classroom
  • New and refinished furniture for the classrooms
  • New and refinished interiors for the classrooms
  • Tuition Assistance for Students
  • Aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments

Thank you for your participation and support.  Each and every contribution, large or small, makes a big difference.

Annual Fund FAQ’s

Why does Taylor Made School of Austin have an Annual Fund Campaign?

The Annual Fund closes the gap between tuition and expenses.  In order to provide special enhancements and improvements for the students and faculty, parents, past-parents, alumni, corporations and foundations all support the school by their contributions to the Annual Fund.

Why not just increase tuition to cover the gap?

At Taylor Made School of Austin, we would rather set modest tuition increases and raise additional funds than risk losing or excluding some families from the school.  Having a more moderate tuition allows us to achieve our highly valued goal of maintaining a more diverse community.

What am I expected to contribute?

Each Taylor Made family must determine what amount they are able to contribute; gifts in any amount are important.  For some, this translates to a gift of a thousand dollars or more, for others, much less.  Last year, we received contributions totaling over $100,000 with gifts ranging from $10 to $20,000.  Our hope is that you understand the tremendous impact your contributions make and give accordingly.

I can’t give as much as I’d like to; my gift really wouldn’t make a difference, would it?

Yes!  Every gift of every size is important to Taylor Made  and to our students.  Your contribution at any level demonstrates your support of Taylor Made School’s efforts on behalf of our children and helps us make our parent participation 100%!

Are there other times that I might be asked to contribute?

Taylor Made School of Austin sponsors several fundraising activities for the school including the Fiesta Auction, the annual Book Fair, Outdoor Environment Day, and other activities.  Involved parents will want to participate in these activities.

What does the Annual Fund provide for the school?

Annual Fund contributions meet a wide range of school needs and helps Taylor Made maintain excellence in every aspect of its operations. Annual Funds assists in such areas as program expenses, Montessori materials, continuing education for faculty, grounds and facilities and tuition assistance.


Other Information

Other Information :
Taylor Made School of Austin relies heavily on networking to succeed, resulting in more confidence , poise , fluency, and increased social interaction for our girls .
We are eager to receive suggestions and possible contacts that will connect Taylor Made School of Austin to as many young girls , learning to speak English and along with finding their true passion.

Accreditation :
Taylor Made School is accredited by the Texas Association of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS). TAAPS is a member of the Texas Private Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC), the State governing body of private school accreditation associations.

Content-Based Learning and Montessori Teaching

Learning : Taylor Made focuses on content-based learning and Montessori teaching .

Content Based Learning :

  • A model that emphasizes learning activities that are long term
  • Student-centered
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Integrated with “ real world” issues and practices

Montessori Theory:

Montessori education begins with the understanding that the role of the adult is to support and assist in the child’s own efforts and activities in the unfolding inborn developmental powers. The child, from the earliest moments of life, possesses great constructive energies that guide the formation of his mind and the coordination of his body through spontaneous activities and interactions with the environment. The Montessori approach was developed without preconceived ideas as to how best to aid the child in his journey to adulthood. Instead, key Montessori ideas emerged from Dr. Montessori’s direct and extensive observation of children in diverse cultures and in many countries:

  1. That there are four key developmental planes in the journey to adulthood: 0-6 years old and 6-12 years. Each of these planes has its own goals: in the first, the development of the self as an individual being; in the second, the development of the social being; inthird, the birth of the adult and finding one’s sense of self; in
  2. the fourth, consolidating the mature personality and becoming a specialized explorer. The complete development of the adult human being requires that the specific needs of each of these periods be satisfied.
  3. That within each of these planes the child or adolescent has specific ‘sensitivities’ or ‘windows of opportunity’ that urge a child to seek out and repeat activities to acquire a particular human trait, for example a sensitivity that drives the child to the acquisition of language in the first plane (0-6 years), or that drives the child to the development of a moral ‘compass’ in the second plane (6-12 years).
  4. That in addition to these age-specific sensitivities, human beings, from birth to death, have a number of behavioral tendencies that give each child the ability to adapt to his or her place and time. These human traits—for example, to explore, order, manipulate, imagine, repeat, work and communicate—have been crucial to human evolution and are active within the child.
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What is Montessori :

Montessori (pronounced MON-tuh-SORE-ee) is a comprehensive educational approach from birth to adulthood based on the observation of children’s needs in a variety of cultures all around the world.

Beginning her work almost a century ago, Dr. Maria Montessori developed this educational approach based on her understanding of children’s natural learning tendencies as they unfold in “prepared environments” ” for multi-age groups (0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, and 12-14).

The Montessori environment contains specially designed, manipulative ” materials for development” that invite children to engage in learning activities of their own individual choice. Under the guidance of a trained teacher, children in a Montessori classroom learn by making discoveries with the materials, cultivating concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning*.*

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Montessori Movement :

The Montessori movement is not a narrow method of teaching but a broad philosophy of life that rests in faith in each child as a potential new beginning for humanity and the creator of the adult he will become. Every child possesses an inner force that drives him to grow and learn and that can be observed in his spontaneous activities. We respect his natural inquisitiveness, which makes learning an imperative, as much a basic need to the child as food, shelter, and love. We appreciate his relentless exploration through his senses and movements, which make his environment his natural school. It is our purpose to observe the child’s natural interest and activities and provide an environment in which he can develop and learn.

Mision and Vision

The mission of Taylor Made School of Austin is to guide the intellectual and character development of each child along a path towards his full and unknown potential. We strive to cultivate compassion and respect, independence and belonging, and freedom and self-discipline, in rich academic and social environments that are designed for each plane of development and honor the complementary needs of the individual and the group. We value an educational setting that is inclusive and recognizes the authentic nature of the child and nurtures a reverence for the organic order of the universe.

Through parent and staff education, we work to develop a school and family culture that preserves and protects a healthy childhood. Our aim is to serve children possessing an ample range of temperaments and a variety of learning styles and rates. At the same time we seek to avoid pathologizing and labeling the normal range of children’s behaviors and differences in learning. We are dedicated to Taylor Made’s mission of world peace through human development and content-based learning.

Short Term-Goals : Taylor Made is currently searching for a program after school ( Non-profit ) to teach our students till 6pm.

What We Provide : Taylor Made School of Austin has a After-school program that offers designated time to help with homework and also provide a healthy snack .