Exploring Montessori Educational Materials

For children of all ages, the Montessori theory fosters independence and promotes discovery – often referring to their growth and learning as “work” as opposed to play. Montessori instruction differs tremendously from the structure of traditional education – children are frequently left to work with by themselves. The teachers provide little to no instruction upon giving educational materials to the children – leaving many parents wondering, “how will my child know what to do?” You would be surprised. When children are given the freedom to independently explore, their findings are that much more exciting. When we teach students the answers, we’re stealing their rewarding experience of making a discovery. So how do the Montessori materials enable your child’s development? Continue reading “Exploring Montessori Educational Materials”


Comparing Education: Montessori Vs. Waldorf

Education isn’t just about the academics – this is the main difference between traditional education and other progressive forms of education such as Montessori or Waldorf. While both Montessori and Waldorf use approaches that have been implemented successfully for over a century, their fundamentals are completely different.

Continue reading “Comparing Education: Montessori Vs. Waldorf”

Understanding Montessori: The Ideal Classroom Size

When our children are young, we often hear that smaller classrooms and a higher teacher-to-student ratio is better. It only makes sense, right? Because then our kids are able to get more one-on-one attention – or so it seems. However, Dr. Montessori disagrees. In fact, she encourages a larger classroom size saying that, “in it’s best condition, the class should have 28-35 children, but there may be even more in number.” This can be a difficult adjustment for parents, but keep in mind that Montessori education is very different from the traditional structure. Continue reading “Understanding Montessori: The Ideal Classroom Size”

Is Montessori Worth The Money?


Unfortunately, the cost of Montessori tuition can deter many parents from committing to a Montessori education. However, it’s not without reason. It cost a good bit of money to purchase the materials needed for such a classroom and to train, educate, and certify the teachers needed for the children. Continue reading “Is Montessori Worth The Money?”