Montessori is Simple


Often times, when parents hear or think of the Montessori teaching method they associate it with being complicated. Which is fair – considering, it does take more schooling to be trained in Montessori teaching and forget “Google-ing” it, because you could spend thousands of hours reading the information that follows your search. It seems that the internet has an unlimited amount of information regarding the Montessori theory and Dr. Maria Montessori – no wonder so many people seem to think that it’s complicated! Continue reading “Montessori is Simple”


Creating a Peaceful Environment in the Classroom

students-377789_640“Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Promoting peace throughout the classroom is a huge part of Montessori teaching. So, although you may be looking for lesson plans and other natural toys that your kids could play with this school year, have you thought about what “peace” could mean to your kids? This is a great place to start when establishing a peaceful classroom because the meaning of “peace” may vary from individual to individual. Continue reading “Creating a Peaceful Environment in the Classroom”

December Monthly Newsletter


Happy Holidays to all of our readers and Taylor Made families!

We’re extremely excited to bring our very first monthly newsletter to you and yours this holiday season. In these monthly newsletters, we want to strive to keep each of you updated with what Taylor Made is doing to help the community, how Taylor Made programs are developing, and, of course, how the building processes are going throughout the following months. Continue reading “December Monthly Newsletter”

Student Ownership of Learning through Montessori


The idea behind Maria Montessori’s education structure is that the child will ‘own’ their own learning – meaning, they’ll be guided by the parent or teacher, but ultimately they will decide independently what direction they want to take when it comes to learning and activities. This has helped to really encourage children to be independent and to explore and learn on their own terms – bettering their time management and self-management skills. Continue reading “Student Ownership of Learning through Montessori”