Are All Montessori Schools Alike?


Similarly to traditional schools, Montessori schools are not all the same. While they all generally follow the same principles, structure, and guidelines, there are still many different traits and characteristics to differentiate one from the other. In fact, the Montessori approach isn’t franchised or licensed – so no two Montessori schools are alike. Continue reading “Are All Montessori Schools Alike?”


A Surprising Montessori Myth


This is a very common myth; in Montessori, children work but they don’t play. This connotation comes with the word “work,” which usually indicates a chore, something that isn’t considered fun. For many lucky people, they love their work. They look forward to their work day every morning. For others, it can be stressful and time-consuming. Continue reading “A Surprising Montessori Myth”

Why Does Montessori Teach Writing Before Reading?


In traditional classrooms, they often teach writing and reading the opposite way that Montessori does. Traditionally, children can expect to learn to read before the learn to write. However, in a Montessori classroom, writing is taught before reading.

In Montessori, the reading process begins with writing – one letter at a time, one sound at a time. Montessori teachers are encouraged to use sandpaper letters to help children learn to write, engaging many of the child’s senses; touch, sight, and sound. Continue reading “Why Does Montessori Teach Writing Before Reading?”

What is Normalization?


There is a lot of new terminology you’ll learn when you begin your journey with the Montessori theory, although it can be quite a bit to digest at first. For instance, when you hear the word “normalization” in the same sentence as your child, you may be thinking “my child is already normal…” However, in Montessori, “normalization” refers to the child’s own choice for independence, focus, and concentration. Continue reading “What is Normalization?”

Back-to-School Activities Your Kids Are Guaranteed to Enjoy

pencil-156639_1280Coming back from the break over the holidays can be a real adjustment for your kiddos in your classroom. While they may have been on a strict schedule prior to the holidays – they may be all out-of-sorts now. Engaging them in activities may just be the best way to channel their extra energy. Do you need some fresh ideas? Here at Taylor Made, we’ve got you covered! Continue reading “Back-to-School Activities Your Kids Are Guaranteed to Enjoy”