The Difference in Montessori Teachers

One of the biggest differences between the Montessori method and traditional education is the way the teachers actually instruct the students. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain the differences and how they impact your children.

Follow the Child

In Montessori, the teacher actually lets the child lead more than usual – really holding back on instruction – to further help the student explore their potential. Without purposefully leading the child, teachers are able to better understand the capabilities of each student. Nowadays, it’s instinct to teach children what we (as parents and adults) know already. However, with the Montessori approach, the students are able to gain more confidence in themselves and their knowledge to even further motivate them to learn.


With that being said, teachers are not the focus of the classroom. In fact, the activities are because each of them encourage the children’s knowledge and focus. Every child is different – Montessori focuses on each individuals needs, rather than grouping children together. A student will remain focused on the activities that they find to be ‘right.’


Teachers in the Montessori classroom spend more time observing than anything. With teachers that only step in when absolutely necessary, their able to give children the support and encouragement they need.

Montessori focuses mostly on the child and their ability to grow and learn themselves. In using this method, we’ve found that children reach their full potential because the feeling of success and achievement is much greater when discovered alone. Not only does this help knowledge, but it also encourages self-confidence and worth – which, in turn, gives the child the motivation needed to succeed even further.


The primary responsibility of the teacher in the Montessori classroom is to prepare the environment. The environment is created in such a way that each child is given appropriate learning activities for their specific interest and development.


Are you interested in learning more about the Montessori method? Give us a call here at Taylor Made School of Austin or schedule a time to visit with us!


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