Montessori: Why Does Accreditation Matter?

While you may be interested in the Montessori philosophy, finding the right school for your child can still be difficult. Just as traditional schools differ from each other, there aren’t two Montessori schools that are exactly alike. However, instead of having a certain curriculum that they follow, Montessori schools are expected to uphold a certain standard – set by the Association Montessori International (AMI) – but, they don’t have to.  

Why Does Accreditation Matter?

Dr. Maria Montessori didn’t trademark or patent the Montessori theory before she passed away in 1952. Without these restrictions, anyone can use the term “Montessori” regardless of their teaching philosophy. This has created lots of confusion, especially among parents. Fortunately, there are organizations who offer accreditation to Montessori schools that adhere to the proper criteria.

How do You Become Accredited?

For a Montessori school to be accredited, they undergo a rigorous process. While it really depends on location, the process follows a similar structure across the board. After the school applies for accreditation, they must go through their entire practice with the organization (proving they meet their standards) before moving on. After thorough examination and consideration, the school may or may not be granted accreditation.

Is Taylor Made Accredited?

Yes! We actually have two separate accreditations – one that certifies us as a private school and another that upholds the Montessori philosophy. Taylor Made School of Austin became accredited in 2015 by NAMTA, The National American Montessori Teacher’s Association, an incredible  organization that also offers a variety of resources for teachers to learn the Montessori structure and philosophy.

So, why does accreditation matter?

We want the best for your children – while starting with a Montessori-inspired program is a good choice, going with an accredited school even takes that a step further. With accreditation, you can be sure that your child is getting an authentic Montessori education. When looking around for the perfect Montessori school for your family in Austin, we always encourage you to ask questions!


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