The Importance of Montessori Kindergarten

Introducing your child to the Montessori environment is typically done around age 3. So, by age 5 – when it’s time to enter kindergarten – many parents struggle deciding whether to keep them in Montessori versus transitioning them into a traditional educational environment. While the latter may be more cost-effective, the kindergarten year is one of the most pivotal moments in Montessori education for reasons that range from familiarity of environment to the activities themselves.

For many children, the traditional transition into kindergarten can be frightening. For some, it’s the first time they’ll step foot into an educational environment! The drastic change and having to learn a new environment, make new friends, and follow new rules can make for a really tough adjustment period. However, since Montessori starts at a younger age – age 3 – it often makes for a much smoother adjustment, especially by the time they reach kindergarten.

Understanding the Familiarity

After spending 2 years in a Montessori environment, by age 5, your child is already accustomed to their surroundings. For those of you who aren’t already familiar with the classroom structure, each Montessori class has an age range that spans 3 years. Once your 5-year-old transitions into kindergarten, they’ve already been through two classroom transitions. Without altering the environment (materials, activities, etc.) itself, your child is able to continue focusing on growing and learning individually.

Perfecting Their Skills

Montessori education primarily focuses on promoting the child’s independence – if we don’t encourage or even allow them to learn things on their own, they’ll never realize their potential. By promoting this independence from a young age, the child is able to patiently learn problem-solving skills while they work with the materials surrounding them. In the beginning of their Montessori journey, these materials may seem confusing and foreign – but, by kindergarten, not only have they mastered their skills, they’re also able to fully comprehend the purpose behind these activities. For example, by age 5, your child may be reading, understanding grammar and sentence structure, and even learning to write (in cursive)!

These few reasons hardly do the importance of Montessori kindergarten justice, so whether you’re considering the move for financial or educational reasons, know that your child will undoubtedly benefit from the Montessori environment – and not just for its familiarity. If finances are holding you back, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help! Taylor Made offers multiple scholarship opportunities for students because we’ve witnessed the impact Montessori education has on these children first-hand.



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