Is Montessori Worth The Money?


Unfortunately, the cost of Montessori tuition can deter many parents from committing to a Montessori education. However, it’s not without reason. It cost a good bit of money to purchase the materials needed for such a classroom and to train, educate, and certify the teachers needed for the children.

What many parents don’t realize is that; Montessori is not always more expensive. So you’re looking online around for Montessori schools in Austin Texas and you come across a few that have tuition costs through the roof. Don’t get too discouraged just yet, this doesn’t mean you can’t afford a Montessori education.

We’re a little different, here at Taylor Made School of Austin. Our tuition costs aren’t through the roof, do you want to know why? We would rather keep our tuition rates at a modest level, so no families are excluded from our school “family.” Now, we’ve found a way to use other resources to gather the necessary funds needed to “bridge the gap” between a lower price in tuition and the expenses.

It’s called, the Taylor Made Fund!

Throughout the year, Taylor Made School of Austin will hold fundraisers to help raise funds for the Taylor Made Fund – which goes to help pay for needed repairs around the facilities, necessary upgrades (new roof, etc.), program expenses, materials, continuing education, etc.

Donations are always accepted to the Taylor Made Fund if you’re interested in spreading the word! For families of Taylor Made, it is asked that you determine an amount you’d like to give. There isn’t any pressure to give an excessive amount, although we do want you to understand the importance of this fund and all that it is able to give our children. No donation is too small, every donation helps towards providing, improving, and educating!


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