Back-to-School Activities Your Kids Are Guaranteed to Enjoy

pencil-156639_1280Coming back from the break over the holidays can be a real adjustment for your kiddos in your classroom. While they may have been on a strict schedule prior to the holidays – they may be all out-of-sorts now. Engaging them in activities may just be the best way to channel their extra energy. Do you need some fresh ideas? Here at Taylor Made, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Icebreakers

This is one of our favorite icebreaker games to get your kids interacting with each other. Give everyone their own bookmark with their name on it along with a question. Since we’re coming back from holiday break, some interesting questions may be, “Where did you go over the break? How did you celebrate the New Year? What was your favorite part of the break?” You can also incorporate this game with the beginning of the school year to let your kiddos get to know each other. Have each child read their bookmark aloud along with their answer to the question.

  1. The Giving Tree

As the holidays come and go, your child is probably receiving lots of gifts. While some choose different present-giving methods, it’s always a good idea to talk about giving back to the community. One of the best ways to incorporate this into the classroom is by reading, “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. You can even create your own “Giving Tree” for your classroom where each student can write what they plan on giving back to the class.

  1. Play a Guessing Game

You may have already heard of the “two truths and a lie” game – perhaps you played it when you were younger. This game is always fun because it can be hard to guess what the lie is! If you haven’t played before, two truths and a lie goes like this: going around the room, everyone tells three things about themselves (two that are true, one that is a lie). After they’re done speaking, everyone has to guess which statement was the lie. It’s a fun and entertaining way to learn new things about people!

After reading these fun games – we’re ready to get back in the classroom! What about you? What are you planning for the new year?



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