Montessori is Simple


Often times, when parents hear or think of the Montessori teaching method they associate it with being complicated. Which is fair – considering, it does take more schooling to be trained in Montessori teaching and forget “Google-ing” it, because you could spend thousands of hours reading the information that follows your search. It seems that the internet has an unlimited amount of information regarding the Montessori theory and Dr. Maria Montessori – no wonder so many people seem to think that it’s complicated!

However, it’s quite the contrary, Montessori teaching is actually simple. The Montessori theory, in its simplest form, is encouraging a life-long passion for learning. The ways that Dr. Maria Montessori suggests going about this are more concrete, rather than abstract. For example, when a young child is learning in a Montessori-based classroom, it’s likely they’ll get to see and touch four different objects before they learn what the number “4” is.

Before thinking that Montessori is “too complicated” for your child, we want you to know that there are very simple ways to bring the Montessori theory into your home:

  • Let your child choose their activities freely. Although this may seem like it could begin a tornado in your living room or trigger a meltdown waiting-to-happen, you may be surprised with how encouraged your child will feel.
  • Filter out plastic toys and begin using natural materials. We know you can’t do this all at once, but using natural materials around your home is a very simple but very large part of Montessori teaching.
  • Provide child-size materials where ever you can. These materials should also be offered at your child’s level, so they are able to get to them whenever they want to. This will also allow them to repeat the activity as many times as needed.

With the New Year right around the corner, everyone is thinking about their “New Year’s Resolution.” Maybe this year, make it a point to incorporate different Montessori techniques around your home. Remember, they don’t need to be complex – Montessori is simple.


2 thoughts on “Montessori is Simple

  1. I love this! I have been trying (and failing valiantly) to build a more Montessori-like atmosphere in my home for my preschool aged child. Thanks so much for breaking it down into a bite-sized article for me!

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