December Monthly Newsletter


Happy Holidays to all of our readers and Taylor Made families!

We’re extremely excited to bring our very first monthly newsletter to you and yours this holiday season. In these monthly newsletters, we want to strive to keep each of you updated with what Taylor Made is doing to help the community, how Taylor Made programs are developing, and, of course, how the building processes are going throughout the following months.

A Month of Giving

December is all about the holidays, bringing in the season of Winter, and most of all – giving. Do you have any plans to give back to your community this December? If you don’t, come join Taylor Made on our journey of partnering with Austin Children’s Shelter and Together We Rise this month. We’re always looking for new ways to give back to our community, do you have any new ideas?

Taylor Made Talks

12% of Austin middle school students continue to miss school due to sadness or depression.

Taylor Made Talks is our newest program that is devoted to offering emotional and social support to youth who need to cope in order to thrive. We are now working with over 150 students in the Austin community, encouraging their attendance and offering our support. By the end of year, we need to raise $4,000 in order to continue this program – can you help us? Any donations are welcome – no matter the size.

Furthermore, Taylor Made is giving out special benefits to those who commit to donating monthly. Folks who give in this reliable, ongoing way join Taylor Made Family plus Taylor Made Talks and get invitations to special events, exclusive updates, and more. Just $10/month makes a big difference, and really adds up!

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here. We couldn’t do it without you!

Let’s make a change – our youth are the future!

Coffee Social

Are you interested in learning more about Taylor Made and the mark we are leaving on the future of Austin’s chidlren and youth? Please join us for a coffee social! We’ll be having a meet-and-greet, fundraiser, and Question and Answer segment where you can learn first-hand what’s going on behind the scenes at Taylor Made from those of us leading the way!

Our first coffee social will be held at Mozart’s Coffee (3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703) on January 24th from 10:30am – noon. 

Follow Us

Follow us on Facebook as we embark on the major rebuilding process of our new East Riverside location. Below are some images of the “before” condition, before we got our hands on it at least!

We’ll be documenting and posting new pictures on our Facebook as new changes happen around the location. As you can see above, there is lots of free land surrounding Taylor Made, we can’t wait to begin the process of building outdoor activities and forming this space into somewhere your kids can come to explore, learn, and grow.

On the Horizon

  • Taylor Made Day Camp – Starting January 4th 2016! We are now accepting applications – hurry and send yours in, the spots won’t last long!
  • Taylor Made Summer Camp – Starting June 12, 2016! More information to come as we head into Summer.

For more information on either camps, please visit our website. 

Child Psychology

Enjoy this wonderful video of a Ted Talk from the TEDMED conference, where Dan Siegel (a leader in the field of neuroscience and child/youth psychology) and Goldie Hawn share insights together.

Leaving you with Food for Thought

To conclude our first newsletter, we want to leave you with some food for thought. As we move through the holiday season the hustle and bustle can bring many thoughts, emotions, and experiences! Take time to reflect and to remind yourselves families, and communities that it is through compassion and slowing down that connection can be made! Through connection lives can be changed and hearts warmed! Happiest of Seasons to you and yours!

See you next year!







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