Incorporating Montessori in Your Home


Montessori teaches our children to be independent, confident, and most importantly – to love learning. You may send your child to a Montessori school, but they don’t spend every waking hour at school. Are you wanting to take some of these Montessori ideas home with you? Consistency is key (especially in young children) and if you bring Montessori home your child is experiencing learning at home the same way they are at school.


Promoting Independence

There are several way you can promote independence with your child at home. Just think of their routine; you probably help them significantly to get ready for school in the mornings (getting dressed, brushing their teeth, eating breakfast). What are some ways for them to do these things on their own?

  • Lowering their clothes (whether it’s in their dresser or closet) to a level that they can reach. This one is super easy and really helps to promote the independence of getting dressed on their own and even putting up their clothes on their own. If you have hooks where you hang your jackets in your house, try adding some on a lower level, too!
  • In the kitchen, put their bowls, plates, and cups in a place where they are able to reach them. Maybe your kids can’t make their own breakfast yet, but they can at least get their plate and cup ready!

Creating a Calm Environment

The idea behind the Montessori “calm environment” is that children learn best while their surroundings are soothing.  What can you do to change the environment around your kiddos?

  • Remove all plastic bins and like-materials. Montessori promotes the use of natural wood, pottery, or glass. This isn’t so much about the materials as it is the effect they have on the environment surrounding your children.
  • Separate your toys into categories and make sure everything has a specific “place” that it goes when it’s not being used. The idea here is organization and minimal clutter.

Do you have any great Montessori ideas that you implement in your home? We would love to hear about them!


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