What does it mean to be a Community?


Community; a word that represents many different images to different people – what does it mean to you? If you are a first time mom, perhaps you have a community online of first time moms whom you can share experiences with. Or maybe you surround yourself with your religious community if you are a member of a congregation or church. We all have family, they’re a community, schools, neighborhoods, work, clubs, etc. But – what does it mean to be a community?

To us at Taylor Made, it means having shoulders to lean on, hands to hold, and brains to come together. It means calling your neighbor to get a group together to help the elderly neighbor finish painting their house. It means finding volunteer opportunities and lending our time for the day, week, or month to help those in need.

How does Taylor Made help?

Taylor Made School of Austin continues to partner with organizations such as; DoSomething.Org and Kendra Scott to participate in volunteer events around Austin throughout the year. Recently, Taylor Made has been writing birthday cards to the children at the Austin Children’s Shelter. Children should always feel as though they are surrounded by a community, and we all know it’s a wonderful feeling when you receive a personally made birthday card.

How can you get involved?

Austin has thousands of volunteer opportunities whether it be spending the day with the animals at Austin Pets Alive or volunteering your time to speak at a conference for a group that you are passionate about. Giving back to our community is what keeps us a community, we can all come together to better our city and to help those in need.

Do you know of any volunteering events around Austin? We would love to hear about them! You never know, maybe Taylor Made will get involved at your event!


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