Coping with Stress around the Holidays


We all know the holidays can be an overwhelming time and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to share a few tips to help you. Whether you’re traveling to spend time with your family out of town, hosting a family celebration at your house, or celebrating away from your family – it can be hard to deal with the stress that usually comes with the holidays. If your children seem to be out-of-whack around these times, talk to them. Let them open up to you and spend time making sure they know their feelings are valid, it’s just as hardon our kiddos as it is on us. What can you do?

Be Realistic

Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be the same every year. Maybe you had extra time on your hands last year so you went above and beyond – that doesn’t mean you need to try and out-do yourself this year. If you can’t handle the stress, stay home or lighten your load if you’re hosting this year by reaching out and asking for extra help. Everyone loves to pitch in around the holidays!

Create a Plan

Having a plan will make things go smoothly (for the most part) over the holidays. However, be prepared that things may not go according to plan – so you’ll need to be flexible. If you can at least plan your meals and shopping list, you’ll save yourself tons of time!

Stay Healthy

This is a big one for a lot of us who take the holidays to eat all of the food we can. Most times though, this will make us feel guilty afterwards. Focus on eating things that you normally would – if you usually eat lots of healthy greens and lots of protein, stick to turkey and greens this year. Avoid the “fluffy” stuff, it won’t help your stress!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a breather and walk away. Even if you’re feeling crunched on time, you can make time to take a step back and breathe before trying to tackle the rest of your day.


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